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HVAC services

Our technicians use a detailed form for all system inspections, noting any problems and/or recommendations for your records

We have unlimited HVAC licenses in North & South Carolina

General Maintenance Services

Plumbing services

Backflow Testing

We are certified to test and repair backflow valves as required by Mecklenburg County law. When re-certifying backflow valves we will take care of the required paperwork, getting a copy to the utility department, as well as sending a copy for your records.


Lot Sweeping

Our lot sweeping services can be hired on a one-time basis or thru a contract. We perform regular, monthly maintenance on our trucks so you are assured to receive quality service, on time, every time.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing rig can pressure clean sidewalks, dumpster areas, brick pavers and/or monuments with high pressure, hot water.

Day Porter

At office parks and retail centers we can help maintain the cleanliness of the grounds by keeping dumpster areas picked up & doors closed, by wiping down benches and/or window mullions and by changing trash can liners. We can meet contractors to allow access to vacant spaces when needed. We will report any problems to property management allowing them to stay on top of issues as they arise.

Interior Construction

Our interior construction department specializes in upfit / retrofit work, as well as tenant improvements. We are licensed in North and South Carolina.

Electrical Services

We are licensed in North Carolina.

Pole Lighting Services

Lamp Recycling

TMT Recycles the following lamps.

Signage and Neon Services

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